Creating a Win-Win Video Testimonial Strategy

There are five steps:

  • Define your vision
  • Assess where you are
  • Determine your priorities and objectives
  • Define responsibilities
  • Measure and evaluate results


Do you need to overcome objections and acquire new customers or boost low performing accounts?

Assess where you are

Do we already have success story testimonials? Are they written and/or in video format? How old are they? Are they relevant to our vision?

Determine your priorities and objectives

If your priority is to acquire new customers and boost low performing accounts, which is more important? Ideally, you have customers whose success story video can accomplish both. So, your first objective is to identify influencers. Which overcome common sales objections? Which best utilize your product or service and can coach your low performing accounts to improve?

Define Responsibilities

You’ll need help from your sales team and WinWin Videos makes it easier for you and your sales team.

They’ll know their customers and those who will help with your marketing initiative. Naturally, your sales team is busy. The good news is Win-Win Videos rewards their customers with a marketing video in exchange for them sharing their success story. Yes, we visit your customer and produce two videos; one for them and one for you. It is truly win-win.

WinWin Videos gives your sales team a chance to thank your best customers and to strengthen the relationship your sales team has built with their customer.

Ideally, as new customers are on-boarded, your sales team mentions customer feedback is important and if customers agree to share their success they’ll be rewarded with free marketing videos of their own.

Ideally, you have a box in your CRM with customers who’ve been approached with the WinWin Video opportunity and they’ve agreed to participate. Down the road, you simply search those records for prospective participants.

Measure and evaluate results

We have a Google Sheet matrix that helps with all of the above. Please contact us and we`ll send you the link.

When developing your strategy, you also need to consider who produces the video. Flying out your own crew gets expensive quickly, and agencies are even more expensive. Thankfully we have a solution for that as well. We have professional, uniformed videographers in most major markets throughout North America. We help you from start to finish and provide a complete turnkey service.

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Jon Nigbor : President

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