Trade Show Guide | 4 Keys to Have a Great Trade Show

Trade Show Guide.  Video Productions.  4 Keys to Have a Great Show.

As trade shows gear up, now is the time to upgrade your marketing assets, and gain a competitive edge.

We want you to stay ahead of your competition, seize marketing opportunities, and experience more successful meetings.

So, racers (and marketing pros) start your engines!

4 Keys to Have a Great Trade Show

Marketing pros know the months following Labor Day are key towards either exceeding your annual sales goals, or working late winter holidays scrambling towards the year-end close.

Whether you will be attending SEMA in-person, virtually, or drafting off the heightened industry activity, now is the time to plan ahead, and set in motion your 2021 second-half success story video.

1. Seed Demand with Videos

Win the battle: “Every battle is won before it is ever fought.” – The Art of War, Sun Tzu.  Those who’ve ‘walked the floor’ know trade shows can feel like a multi-day siege.  Enjoy shows this year by planning ahead (including packing comfortable business-casual, well-cushioned shoes).

Plan ahead:  Bookings fill-up several months out, often leaving laggards with leftovers.  The best video productions are well-thought out in advance. Use the end of summer lull to map out, and set trade show pre-production in motion. Now is a great time to review your YouTube Channel Management strategy.

Plant” ahead:  Seeding sales success takes time to nurture.  Get the videos you need now to build-up to, amplify during, and capture momentum following trade shows.  SEO and SERP take time to build your organic marketing, earned media, and video views.  At a minimum, tease what’s coming, apply social listening to inform video messaging, and stock your video arsenal now for the months ahead.

2. Warm Leads

Build trust:  Buying decisions are increasingly made before prospective buyers ever talk to a sales person.  Testimonial videos build trust ahead of on-the-ground sales.  Map out objection points, and secure customers who can speak to how your products overcome these points.

Soft sales:  Soft sales /= (does not equal) weak sales.  Soft sales = smart sales.  Authenticity, relatability, and trustworthiness matter more than ever in today’s connected world.  Real customer videos, which relate stories with your products and services, connect with prospective buyers before closing new sales.  Answer frequently asked questions and common initial objections using videos, so your sales people can focus on delighting customers in-person.

Book great meetings:  Go beyond the lazy, “hey, you going to SEMA?” email, and include a quick, relevant video to secure meetings.  Make your emails stand out in your customers’ cluttered inboxes by including curated, personalized, and / or relevant videos.  Providing a quick taste of what you might discuss in a video shows you value your buyer’s meeting time.

3. Quality Leads

Qualify:  Quality matters.  A full calendar might help defend your expense report, but ultimately you want meetings that drive revenue.  Secure meetings with quality buyers empowered to make, or influence buying decisions.  Seeding your online and social media platforms with engaging videos allows you to gather data to inform prospect outreach. Aim for high performing videos that deliver empowered buyers.

Quantify:  Videos not only deliver impactful messaging, but allow you to track performance, include call-to-actions to prioritize next steps, and measure where to allocate your time.  A follow up email after the show is great, but leverage your broader digital marketing resources to insure prospects convert.

Incredible journey:  Leverage your click funnels to offer free materials, video case studies, and / or explainer videos, so you can advance any ‘homework’ ahead of meetings.  Move prospective buyers to consideration or conversion ahead of in-person time, so meetings can build upon the relationship foundation.

4. Competitive Advantage

Shine:  Stand out from the competition.  Free pens, thumb drives, or breath mints might be useful for passerby foot traffic, but you want valuable prospects.  Instead of old-school business cards, connect prospects to video sections to stay in-touch and assist your sales efforts.  Videos show your professionalism extends beyond booth strobe lights.

Breaking news:  Write a draft press release now. What do you want buyers saying about you at the show?  What do you want the trades saying about you?  What do you want your boss saying about the campaign that turned the show into a success?  Let’s capture those success story videos now.  You’ll be amazed how laying out your success vision aids turning a concept into a real success story video.

Best in Show:  Whether you are launching new products with video showcases, advancing your industry expertise, and / or augmenting your sizzle reels, we want your brands to shine.  Win Win Videos are here to help you showcase your best stuff, drive industry buzz, and fuel your income engine.

Contact us today to explore how we can help you win best in show.

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