One effective technique to turn prospective customers into returning customers

When it comes to advertising, there seems to be endless ideas on how to engage your market and encourage them to buy your product or service. We even saw Michelob Ultra try to tap into the ASMR market a couple years ago during the Super Bowl. Marketing directors will work with focus groups and think tanks for weeks trying to determine the best way to engage an audience, send those ideas through corporate filter after filter, and end up with a generic, milquetoast product they hope will appeal to the greatest amount of customers.


The funny thing? You can have the best commercial possible, and all can be negated within minutes from a potential customer reading your existing customer’s reviews. This is the big (not so secret) secret in advertising. Your customers are your best advertising asset. The hard truth is the average customer doesn’t trust a corporation. We’re out here selling products and they know that. When was the last time you wholeheartedly trusted a car salesman? At the end of the day, what people trust is other people. Around 89% of people say they try to read reviews before making a purchase.

How do you take advantage of this?

It’d be easy to say, “Have more customers leave good reviews.” But things are rarely that simple. Only around 5-10% of customers leave a review after purchasing a product or service.,total%20e%2Dcommerce%20sales%20revenue. That’s a lot of customers not leaving reviews and sample size matters. (Like in the meme above). So how can we utilize the power of review without pestering every customer to leave a positive review?

The trick…

This finally leads to our “one effective technique” trick that got you to read this article. These are customer success stories and testimonials. You’re looking to produce a piece of content that appeals to a customer, so why not make a piece of content out of an already happy customer? Put one of these reviews into video form. When your content highlights an existing customer’s successes, it allows for your prospective customer to place themselves into the subject’s shoes. It’s no longer a company telling you about a product, rather it’s a contemporary. It’s additionally much cheaper than the traditional form of writing your own story. Instead, it allows for your customers to tell your story, And that is effectively using your best advertising asset.

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