YouTube Channel Management

YouTube Channel Management

Get the most our of your videos by tapping YouTube's 2B+ viewers. As a professional marketing exec, stretch your marketing budget by following these tips and advice to earn media, engage your audience, and increase traffic.


Does your business need video marketing?

The short answer is yes. In the ever growing landscape of social media, video marketing is being proven more important than ever in reaching your audience. According to a 2018 survey from HubSpot, 54 percent of consumers wanted to see more videos from the brands they follow. Videos are engaging…

How to Stretch Your Marketing Budget

How to spend your precious marketing dollars. Prioritize, allocate, and marshal resources. Now is the time to take stock of marketing assets that are working, missing, and new ones needed to best drive sales. Sales Levers – Video Journey Stages, Types Let’s start with what you have. Keeping it fun,…

Dealer-FX Sponsored Shoot

Earlier this month we visited Jeep Chrysler Dodge in Ontario.   Thank you Dealer-FX, and thank you Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ontario for video feedback! Can’t wait to share the results with you all!

Dealer-FX Shoot

Last Monday we sent remote videographer, Graham, to shoot for Dealer-FX. This time he visited South Atlanta to shoot at Toyota. Welcome to the team Graham! Can’t wait to share the final results!