YouTube Channel Management

YouTube Channel Management

Get the most our of your videos by tapping YouTube's 2B+ viewers. As a professional marketing exec, stretch your marketing budget by following these tips and advice to earn media, engage your audience, and increase traffic.


Dealer-FX Shoot

Last Monday we sent remote videographer, Graham, to shoot for Dealer-FX. This time he visited South Atlanta to shoot at Toyota. Welcome to the team Graham! Can’t wait to share the final results!

YouTube Channel Management | Tips & Advice | Marketing Professional

As a professional marketing exec, you likely have at least some of your brands’ videos on YouTube. A common response we hear when I ask people about YouTube, though, is along the lines of the following: “YouTube?  Yeah, I know YouTube, I see my kids on it all the time.” What…

Trade Show Guide | 4 Keys to Have a Great Trade Show

As trade shows gear up, now is the time to upgrade your marketing assets, and gain a competitive edge. We want you to stay ahead of your competition, seize marketing opportunities, and experience more successful meetings. So, racers (and marketing pros) start your engines! 4 Keys to Have a Great Trade Show…

Dealer-FX Sponsored Shoot

Last week we got to shoot some testimonial videos at Jim Burke Nissan sponsored by Dealer-FX! Captured some great interviews and B-roll. Pictured, Frazer (left), showing off his amazing stabilizing set up.

YouTube Channel Management | Marketing Professional

YouTube Channel Management | Professional Marketing Version Your YouTube channel strategy deserves more than being a video repository. Professional B2B marketers empower, service and share mission-driven videos to harness global audiences. You might have seen the classic 30 Rock episode and / or subsequent meme featuring Steve Buscemi saying “hello,…

ODL Sponsored Shoot

Last week our team visited Moeller Door & Window in St. Henry, Ohio! It was amazing working with them and we look forward to more shoots with the ODL Team!