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Listening to customers’ needs and pain points, we hear a consistent theme:  companies want to say they are customer-centric.

Consistently, authentically, conveying that can be a real challenge.

We are obsessed and relentless about solving that customer-centric challenge.  We showcase customer-success moments in video, and distribute videos globally.

We thought it might be useful to share the following customer-centric framework, which might be adapted to your needs.


As empathetic, ever-curious, often-humbled story-tellers, we love listening to our client’s journeys. 

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  We care deeply about our client’s challenges.  We see the client as our hero.  We are their best supporting actors.

The bespoke videos we produce for clients immerse prospective customers into real conversations, where real clients engage with real customers, and discovery produces real win-win solutions. 

We hear consistently that these videos are authentic, relatable, trust builders, and brand builders.

We continue to listen by reviewing metrics, subscriptions, conversions, reviews, feedback and testimonials.  Data-driven results further guide how best to showcase client-customer connections.


Functionally, we produce videos and deliver content and advocacy marketing.   In practice, we deliver rewarding client experiences where customers are the stars, challenges exceeded are dramatic moments, and solutions are victorious episodes.

The Win-Win format provides a simple, easy solution to reward our client’s, and our client’s customers.  Placing customers center-stage pulls our client’s prospective customers into a shared customer journey, and personifies placing the customer as the center-of-attention.

Turning offices into virtual studios, we turn shoots into client-customer celebrations, make-good on customer-centricity, and reward client-customer human connections.


We endeavor to highlight how clients and their customers are delighted across all touch points in the buying experience, are compelled to come back, and stay connected.

The Win-Win testimonial format captures, shares and returns to the world client journey success stories.  Real stories are told by clients and customers to help, share, and enlist even more customers for our clients.

Video showcases offer client’s unique value, customers trusted information, and follow through premium service.  The client and customer’s pain points are solved by the client’s premium service.  Clients and their customers are rewarded by the experience, and a loyal connection made.

We want our clients to further succeed by evolving playbooks, consulting on content marketing pro-tips, and assisting our key contacts to champion customer-centricity.  Thinking ahead, we have an eye on a testimonial about us from you.

We’d love to hear how you are transforming your customer-centric culture, and how we might best support.

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